Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mac and Ninny Bookplates

Once in a while I will purchase something for myself as a reward for the hardwork I've done: art prints, stationery, accessories etc... A motivation to keep up the effort :D

Last month I had purchased these beautiful bookplates from Mac and Ninny (sorry for the late posting!). I'd fallen in love with their designs and spent days trying to finalizing on the two designs that I really like: Magnolia and Milk Jug (they are so preeetttyyy!).

They don't have online shop yet but they are very friendly to ship to my country when I contacted them.
The packaging is superb and I LOVE every look and feel of it. I guess I was too anxious to open them end up a big tear at the sticker. Aiks...
So pretty! :) Now I just have to decide which books I should use them...
Mac and Ninny website HERE and facebook HERE.

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  1. your art and products are looking wonderfully professional and charming. wishing you success.