Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Red Market

My first market went smoothly yesterday :D A sunny day, a little rain in the afternoon, then the sky was clear again. It was an unusual experience as I got to meet everyone face to face, not just through a computer screen and chatting via the keyboard (haha).

Here are some snapshots for the market.
Love the vibrant handmade cushion stools by one of the vendors.
One of the organizers, Melissa.
Her beautiful quilt stall is just next to mine!
These are real popular among the kids.
Intricate illustrations by Embee Designs.
One of our Etsy Malaysia team members, Nukilan! Yay!
My friendly and chatty stall neighbour, Clare from Moniko. She handmade these pretty clutches from recycled vintage kimono.
Set up for my stall :)
People, music, and delicious food, just reminded me of those awesome markets in Melbourne.
Truly a great day! More photos at my flickr HERE.


  1. Thank you Yee Von. I am so glad you came to Little Red Market. Your illustrations are beautiful and I noticed how popular your stationary items were with all the included! Looking forward to you being part of our ongoing community. Melissa x

  2. You have such darling little illustrations! I adore them!