Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Christmas Items in Progress

I'm in the midst of preparing new paper good designs for this coming Christmas and planning to list them gradually throughout the month of August and September :D
Newly added writing set to the shop too~! Come with a set of 12 or 25 :)
Can't wait for Christmas!


  1. I am so impressed that you are preparing for Christmas, such a good business plan. I love seeing your sketches, sweet as can be.

  2. your Illustrations are always so heart warming!

  3. You are so enthusiastic and inspired! And the results are wonderful! It's strange to read about Christmas amidst the heat of August, but I truly understand you! The writing set is lovely!:)

  4. Lovley!

    You have such a happy and romantic blog, love it ;)


    Johanna, Sweden

  5. I really love all of your designs, will soon order something :]

    I may be a bit cheeky, but I would really like to ask you if you please want to make a header for my blog, because it would be perfect... (i'm just started with blogging)
    Hopefully you will think about it sometime

  6. P.s Maybe when can make a deal with a price or something?

  7. I'm in love with your illustrations... they're so incredibly beautiful, what a talent you have! I'm now following, please have a look at my blog too :) x